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Announcement of winner of Essay contest postponed
  첨부파일 : 등록일 : 2009-10-13  
The foundation has charge of the international thesis contests as for ` The significance of the Bering Strait and the Korea-Japan Tunnel Project from a providential viewpoint, and ways to pursue these two projects ` and we appreciate the interests and encouragement of all applicants.
However, we announce revised schedule as follows with deep gratitude.
As a result of the close of the contest on Aug.20th, we received 80 theses from all over the world .
According to the stronger competition than we initially expected, the announcement should be delayed from early-Sep to late-Oct because of it requires translation and screening after much debate.

Thus, in this case, we apologize for the delayed schedule and promise that we will show you the outstanding achievements in near future through fair process.

We will announce the winner by end of October through both at the website (www.beringproject.org) and individual winner.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

 Research & Press Division, The foundation for peace and unification

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